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Sports Injury


Sports injuries happen to recreational athletes and seasoned pros alike. No two injuries or patients are the same, so treating these requires thorough assessment and consideration. Therefore, if you require sports injury treatment in Denver or Lone Tree, Colorado, you owe it to yourself to seek a specialist with extensive training and experience with all types of athletes.



Governor’s Park Chiropractic’s Dr. Omid Ferdowsian has a background in treating chronic pain and sports-related injuries that is unmatched by his peers in the Denver area. Not only has he received extensive post-doctoral training in sports medicine, but he also has been selected to provide expert chiropractic care to professional athletes from dancing, football, soccer, golf, and the winter x-games as well as elite amateur athletes competing in local competitions like the Ragnar Race all the way up to Olympians.


Sports injuries happen to recreational athletes and seasoned pros alike. No two injuries or patients are the same, so treating these requires thorough assessment and consideration. Therefore, if you require sports injury treatment in Denver or Lone Tree, Colorado, you owe it to yourself to seek a specialist with extensive training and experience with all types of athletes.

If you are dealing with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or any other type of injury related to sports and you demand holistic recovery through the finest sports injury treatment available, give us a call. It’s best to go with the local professional who has the most knowledge in his field and has earned the trust of experienced athletes.


As an athlete, your body is your most powerful tool. However, sports injuries are common for athletes at any level. Responding to and effectively treating these injuries is critical for sustained success in sports and an active lifestyle. The world’s best athletes continually seek chiropractic care and physical therapy to not only treat their injuries but also help prevent future injuries.

Below is a list of some of the most common sports-related injuries that can be treated with chiropractic care:

Sprains and strains

When a muscle or tendon is torn or your ligaments become stretched, painful sprains and strains may occur that lead to swelling, bruising, and loss of movement.

Joint injuries

Joint injuries, especially of the knees and shoulders, are common for athletes who engage in intense activity and running.

Swollen muscles

When muscles swell due to injury, this puts pressure on the nerves and blood vessels and can even damage the muscles themselves.


Dislocations occur when the bone becomes disconnected from the joint, which can be common in contact sports. Dislocations can lead to intense pain, swelling, and even nerve damage.

Shin splints

A common injury for runners, shin splints refer to pain and discomfort felt along the tibia, also known as the shin bone.


Chiropractic care can prove extremely beneficial for treating a range of sports-related injuries. Whether you’re experiencing a sprain, strain, joint injury, or swollen muscles, a visit to a chiropractor’s office can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and heal nerve damage. Chiropractic alignments can benefit your muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves.

Additionally, chiropractic care is ideal for sustaining an active lifestyle, preventing future injuries, and promoting holistic wellness. Since chiropractic adjustments address the source of your pain and injury, you’ll achieve better physical and mental health with this holistic and non-invasive approach to healthcare. Chiropractic care can also help you avoid surgeries or taking medication that can have harmful side effects.


Here at Governor’s Park Chiropractic, we offer comprehensive and personalized recovery solutions for each of our patients. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team members are experienced in various therapies and chiropractic adjustments to develop a tailored approach to recovery and wellness that will work for you. We approach the treatment provider-patient relationship as a partnership, and we strive toward the common goal of your health and overall wellness.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider Governor’s Park for your chiropractic needs:

sustained results icon

Sustained Results

For almost two decades, we’ve been committed to providing each of our patients with sustained relief and lasting results. We know that true recovery takes time, which is why we focus on long-term treatment and providing our patients with the tools and resources they need for sustained wellness.

personalized treatment icon

Personalized Treatment

Every one of our patients receives a focused and individualized treatment plan. No matter your therapeutic needs, we promise that you’ll receive the full commitment and attention from every member of our team and staff. Your recovery is a unique journey, which is why we tailor our treatment for each patient.

team atmosphere icon

Team Atmosphere

Together, we can do so much more. That’s why we tap into the unique skills and talents of each of our team members to deliver the most effective and comprehensive care. This means that you’ll benefit not just from your chiropractor professional, but from our entire healthcare staff.

transparent billing icon

Transparent Billing

Honesty and transparency are the building blocks of our practice. When it comes to billing, you’ll never see a surprise charge. Our support staff is always available to work with you and help you explore various payment options to ensure you receive the care and treatment you need.


Dr. Omid Ferdowsian is one of only 300 individuals across the nation to receive certification from the Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP), making him a highly qualified sports injury chiropractor.

Achieving this certification required Dr. Ferdowsian to:

Attend a minimum of 300 hours of postgraduate education

Pass a comprehensive written examination upon completion of postgraduate education hours

Complete a practical (hands-on) examination

Publish a sports-related paper in a peer-reviewed journal

Provide a minimum of 100 hours of hands-on treatment to athletes outside of a clinical setting.

As a result of this advanced training and experience, Dr. Ferdowsian is capable of evaluating and treating a wide range of sports injuries. And he doesn’t just use one method but combines multiple treatments to ensure that the patient’s body receives the best response to his care. This treatment may include nutritional guidance, acupuncture, exercise, massage, and more. Dr. Ferdowsian’s chiropractic treatments and physical therapy can treat pain and swelling, reduce pain both short-term and long-term and restore your full range of motion.


Whether you visit our Lone Tree or Denver location, you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your condition and a customized, holistic treatment plan utilizing the least invasive yet most effective techniques and services. Above all, Governor’s Park Chiropractic is dedicated to helping patients alleviate pain and develop overall good health. Dr. Ferdowsian uses all of his knowledge in adjunctive and spinal manipulative therapy to ensure his patients obtain the best results possible while under his care.

When ailing athletes look for the most advanced sports injury treatment in Denver, Governor’s Park Chiropractic is their first choice. Our comprehensive and results-oriented treatments will get you back out on the field of play and back to a pain-free life.