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Governor’s Park Chiropractic is your trusted Denver chiropractor practice. Our team of caring, qualified professionals offers a wide array of healthcare services that will help you maintain an active lifestyle and reduce your risk of injury. Visit our Denver chiropractic care office to learn more about how we can help your recovery needs.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or limited mobility, are recovering from an injury like a car accident or sports injury, or want to maintain an active lifestyle, Governor’s Park in Denver is here to help. Through chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, good nutrition, and exercise, Governor’s Park uses several evidence-based therapeutic techniques to devise a specialized treatment plan that works best for you.



If you’re looking for a same-day chiropractor near you, Governor’s Park provides services for patients of all medical backgrounds and needs. Our trusted and experienced professionals provide general chiropractic therapy such as chiropractic adjustments, as well as acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, spinal decompression, and custom orthotics.

Our experienced same-day chiropractors in Denver can help you find quick pain relief, improve your mobility, recover from an injury, and improve your overall quality of life. No matter your need, Governor’s Park helps you maintain your peak physical condition.

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With our team of the best chiropractors in Denver, we understand how to improve your spinal motion and spinal function. If you suffer from low-back or general back pain or if you have frequent headaches, Denver chiropractic pain relief is one of the best options to relieve your pain and get you back to the active lifestyle you prefer. As a non-invasive and holistic approach to care, chiropractic solutions are considered one of the safest treatment options.

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This centuries-old therapy technique uses tiny pinpricks to stimulate the central nervous system. Acupuncture can provide significant relief for anyone suffering from headaches, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, neck pain, and back pain.

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Massage therapy is about more than feeling good. Effective massage therapy treatments restore how your body feels and functions. Our professionals provide transformational bodywork and different techniques to respond to various injuries.

Massage therapy is a pain-free treatment that can provide pain relief, improve blood flow, boost your immune system, and even reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you need a Swedish, sports massage, deep tissue massage, or neuromuscular massage, our licensed Denver professionals can help get you back on track to relief.

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Governor’s Park Denver approaches physical therapy and rehabilitation using two methods: active and passive. Passive therapy means you don’t have to take an active role in the therapy. Examples of this type of therapy include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, mechanical traction, acupuncture, and massage.

Active therapy means you actively participate in your therapy, such as doing recommended stretches or exercises. Governor’s Park combines these two approaches to determine which works best for your injury and recovery.

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Thousands of people have benefited from this new and effective treatment method. Spinal decompression offers consistent results and helps you avoid invasive therapies, such as surgery or medication. Doing so eliminates the risks from medication and anesthesia, such as infection and prescription drug side effects. Come in today and see if this therapy suits your therapeutic needs.

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Our Denver office can build custom orthotics adequately aligned to your feet that offer exceptional support. The more accurate your original alignment, the better the chances your spine stays aligned with your custom orthotics.

Our professionals first check your shoes to ensure they are the ideal model for orthotics. If you need new shoes, we recommend them and show you where to purchase the correct models. After determining the accurate model, we can fit your shoes, and you can take a short walk to adjust them. We then check to make sure the alignment is correct and comfortable. We do not stop until your custom shoes fit as they should.


Governor’s Park uses Dr. Ferdowsian’s philosophy toward chiropractic therapy to offer a full-body solution to patients’ health problems. Our team members receive training in multiple therapies to provide a tailored approach to your relief and well-being. We approach the treatment provider-patient relationship as a partnership and strive toward the common goal of your health and overall wellness. We accomplish this through sustained results, personalized attention, a team atmosphere, and transparent billing practices.
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For the last 17 years, we have committed to giving our patients sustained relief and results. Patient referrals will forever remain the most crucial part of our business. The only way for our clients to continue to spread the word about Governor’s Park is by bringing them the results they need to live a healthy lifestyle.
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Every patient we take receives our full attention. Your health and well-being are our priority, and we devise comprehensive training programs that fit your needs.
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We believe therapy is a team journey that no one should undertake alone. You are the most important member of our healthcare team, and we provide you with the therapy, information, and technology you need to reach your goals. No matter your recovery path, we’re there to walk it with you.

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We care about candidness and honesty regarding your billing. We promise that surprise charges will never catch you off guard. We understand billing and insurance plans can be stressful and we don’t want it to distract from your treatment and recovery. That’s why we make sure you know all of the costs of your treatment plan from the very beginning.


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